Virtual eCPR Practitioner Certification 15 hours in five days, 3 hours per day


Session 1: May. 5 2022

Session 2: May. 6 2022

Session 3: May. 9 2022

Session 4: May. 12 2022

Session 5: May. 13 2022

Time all sessions:

6.30-9.30 pm IST (India Standard Time) UTC+5:30

4-7 pm Kenya (Eastern Africa Time) UTC+3

9 am-Noon (Eastern Standard Time) UTC-5

Follow this Link to tell your local time.

Emotional CPR for Africa & South Asia

Once again The SEL Lab, and Mindful African initiative is organizing the first ever Afro-South Asia Emotional CPR (eCPR) training.

eCPR is an educational program designed to teach people to assist others through an emotional crisis. eCPR is based on the principles found to be shared by a number of support approaches: trauma-informed care, counselling after disasters, peer support to avoid emotional despair, emotional intelligence, suicide prevention, and cultural attunement.

Through eCPR we learn that people in emotional crisis or distress express their feelings as a form of communication to be understood and our approach assumes that people are doing their best to cope up with an experience beyond their current ability to effectively manage. The sooner we begin to support a [person in emotional crisis or distress, the more likely it is that the person will make a full and speedy return to a life of community. Learn More

Cost of the training:


Some partial and full scholarships are available.


To receive a certificate you need to participate in all five 3-hour sessions.
Good internet connection which includes capacity for both audio and visual connectivity (preferably a computer/laptop, but could include iPad, cell phone, or other means).

If you require a reduced rate or scholarship to attend, please email:

Anyone based in Africa requesting a partial or full scholarship email:

Anyone based in South Asia requesting a partial or full scholarship please email:

The application deadline is April 20th 2022.

For inquiries on the opportunity, email: