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Facilitator in training at the Art of Hosting facilitator training held in October, 2019

Who We Are

Mindful African Initiative is founded on the passion to tackle social and behavioral issues regarding mental wellbeing through various approaches and techniques. We  aim to enable individuals to create space for making conscious decisions in the face of current everyday challenges.

What We Do

— Compassionate Integrity Training

Perspective workshops are workshops designed and customized to enable individuals to understand the subject issues affecting them and co-create steps to improve their wellbeing. CIT focuses on and builds towards the ability to live one’s life in accordance with one’s values with a recognition of common humanity, our basic orientation to kindness, and reciprocity.

— Emotional CPR

Emotional CPR (eCPR) is an educational program designed to teach people to assist others through an emotional crisis. eCPR is based on the principles found to be shared by a number of support approaches: trauma-informed care, counselling after disasters, peer support to avoid continuing emotional despair, emotional intelligence, suicide prevention, and cultural attunement.

— Let's Talk

Let’s talk is a safe platform where one is free to open up, share their deepest fears or ask questions regarding their mental wellbeing and be assured to receive comprehensive professional feedback.  Our team of professional mental wellbeing and life mentors try their best to understand  your question or situation and offer you the best possible feedback.

Our Partners