Our Partners

Atlanta | Georgia

CCISE is dedicated to developing and promoting empirically-based programs that foster the human values most conducive to individual, social and environmental flourishing through research, dialogue, education and community empowerment.

Nairobi | Kenya

GeoPsy Research is a leading centre for research and training on socio-spatial vulnerabilities, mental health, geospatial analytics, and surveying measurements headquartered in Nairobi Kenya. GeoPsy offeres a wide range of geospatial solutions, mental health literacy training and communication services at affordable costs.

Salzburg | Austria

The Global Alliance advances the awareness, knowledge and understanding of skills for learning and life. It bridges the perceived divide between academic knowledge and social emotional skills.

London | United Kingdom

Think Equal is a non-profit charity registered in the UK and USA. We aim to promote best practice quality education, inclusion and equality in early childhood development and to collaborate with governments and global actors to bring this early childhood development programme successfully to scale.

Mumbai | India

The SEL Lab envisions a world where socio-emotional learning is integrated and adopted within every formal educational curriculum so that every student has the opportunity to develop their emotional intelligence without having to rely on external, experiential factors alone.

New Delhi | India

The Global Youth Alliance for Kindness is an entirely youth-driven effort to put kindness at the heart of the UN SDG Agenda 2030.